Manor Gate House

Neatly hidden away near Dartford Town Centre is the stunning Manor Gate House. King Henry VIII chose this site in Dartford to construct a Manor House for his own personal use between the years of 1541 and 1544. When the time came to divorce fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, the Manor House was given to her as part of the divorce settlement. Anne lived at the Manor Gate House between 1553 and 1557. Elizabeth I retained the use of the Manor House, though she only stayed there twice. Now, only the gatehouse remains, which offers two rooms for wedding ceremonies and functions.

Dartford Manor Gate House started out as a nunnery in the mid-1300's, but was knocked down shortly after and rebuilt in its current format for Henry VIII.

The biggest change the Manor Gate House has seen in the last 500 years is being transformed into a registry office, allowing the public access to its sheer beauty and fantastic history.